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The many faces of CBD products


CBD Oil and Creams, CBD Candy, CBD for Pets, CBD drinks and more!

What place does CBD occupy in your life? Do you eat CBD candy? Or does your four-legged friend use CBD for pets to enhance his life? When you’re feeling tired do you crack open CBD drinks? Or do you seek innovative CBD-infused gum on your rolling papers? As we’re going to discuss, there are a million uses for CBD products, and its presence in the marketplace is only growing!


CBD oil and cosmetics have changed the face of healthcare

One of the first things people think of in relation to CBD is healthcare products, and there’s no doubt that there are so many of these that choosing one can be overwhelming. CBD products can be used to treat anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, low energy, weight loss and pain relief to name but a few. It’s important to check out the potency of the product which, in a cream for example, can vary between 500 and 3000 mg per 50 ml container. Products should have undergone third-party testing, and they should never contain more than 0.3 % THC [1] (some are made from CBD ‘isolate’ which means there’s none at all, but there is a theory that CBD works better in conjunction with a little THC). [2] Drops and capsules are also popular ways of taking CBD, and for those seeking relaxation there are a myriad of oils, soaps, bath salts, and for skincare, serums and cleansers. As ever, CBD shows its great versatility in the area of healthcare.


CBD Candy is for grown ups too!

CBD candy, also known as CBD edibles, has been a massive area of expansion and growing popularity recently. People eat them to promote good sleep, calm and sometimes for pain relief and other associated benefits. They have no aftertaste and the effects can last for between two and six hours [3] . There are gummies, lollipops, jelly beans, and any other kind of candy you can imagine, and there’s even CBD-infused chocolate. In theory, the high-fat, lower-sugar candies are more effective in terms of CBD absorption. One of the reasons CBD candy is so popular is because it’s much easier to use than tinctures, you can easily carry it around and pop it in your mouth wherever you are, and it’s colourful and attractive. This sector looks set to grow healthily!

Helping our furry companions

What about our animal friends? Can they also benefit from the CBD revolution? It seems so! As in humans, CBD can help them with pain, especially neuropathic pain, inflammation, seizures and anxiety. The list goes on: it can also help with digestion, the nervous system, gastric issues and immunity [4] . We generally think of dogs and cats but in fact CBD can be given to any animal and is often used in horses. It generally comes as an oil or in hard and soft chewy capsule form, though there are also shampoos, and even a CBD-infused peanut butter for dogs who live the good life! The animals won’t have any problem gobbling it up, and, as all pet lovers know, a happy pet means a happy owner and nothing makes us happier than helping out our beloved furry friends and seeing their wellbeing bloom.

Everyone’s cup of tea

The body actually absorbs CBD´s therapeutic effects faster and more efficiently in liquid form than in tinctures and unsurprisingly, CBD has made its way heavily into the drinks market. CBD drinks have been around for a while, but they’ve evolved hugely, not just in terms of sophistication of flavouring and ingredients but also in terms of marketing, branding and aesthetics. And CBD drinks are not only seen as aids to relaxation these days, but also as an increasingly integral addition to a healthy lifestyle. You can get drinks with full-spectrum CBD (with trace legal amounts of THC) or with CBD isolate, so you can decide depending on whether you’re trying to stay alert. You can choose from sodas, seltzers, iced teas, coffees and everything in between.  And there is none of that lingering taste that is present in so many tinctures, so this makes them even more popular.

CBD in rolling papers?! Who’d have thought it?

And of course, most excitingly of all, there are now CBD-infused rolling papers! Our three new lines, with CBD-infused, natural gum, are a world first! We had to work hard to find a way of bonding CBD (which is insoluble in water) with the gum – a challenge that had flummoxed many before us. We cracked it! And so now there’s the perfect pairing of CBD with your rolling experience, in our UNBLEACHED , ORGANIC HEMP and RICE papers.

So, here you have an overview of some of the areas where CBD products are forging forward and becoming part of our everyday shopping experience. It’s becoming as ordinary – while also much more magical and full of potential – than grabbing that pint of milk at the supermarket. What’ll be next? We’ll have to wait and see. Meantime, will you challenge yourself to try some more of the huge range of products on offer?

ROOR SAS has carefully developed the world's first rolling papers with CBD-infused natural gum, with a range of three specific rolling papers: Unbleached, Organic Hemp, and Rice. The natural gum of our rolling papers contains CBD with 0% of THC. Our products are only to be used by people over the age of 18 and should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets. ROOR products are exclusively available in countries where regulation permit.