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ROOR creates

The High Gallery

We’re thrilled to announce the creation of The High Gallery!

Just launched, it’s our brand new patronage project: a digital platform designed to raise the profile of outstanding creative talents. ROOR is the first company on the market to introduce rolling papers with CBD-infused, natural gum, and to complement this achievement the brand has developed the concept of “Experience The Highest”, an aspirational phrase aimed to inspire high-flying, hard-working people to innovate and create. This idea of “The Highest” is central to the High Gallery, which will be a home for cutting-edge creators.


Where creative talent and accessibility overlap

Finding top-level inspiration in a range of creative disciplines is not straightforward in today’s landscape as we all know. Now that some of the best talent isn’t found in a physical gallery but in the virtual world, the sheer volume of material online makes it paradoxically difficult to find quality. The High Gallery is a digital platform that aims to become the go-to source for outstanding creations, becoming a convenient and alluring shortcut to reach some of the best global talent. There’ll be a website of course, and the main gallery will live on Instagram, where we’ll tease and stimulate by introducing ground-breaking creators and showcasing their work.

Breaking higher ground, fostering community

If one thing unites them, it’s that our artists all have an instinct to disrupt the status quo: they change the very scenery of their discipline and reach for higher ground. So we’ve given the name “Highers” to these creators who elevate their field of expertise and inspire others to imagine beyond boundaries. And at the heart of the project is our desire that the gallery develop into a community of creative people, a space in which inquisitive minds can learn from each other and discuss trail-blazing, thought-provoking work.

A rich resource

We’re not limiting our net to artists in the narrow sense: a “Higher” might excel as a chef, or as an architect, or be from any number of other fields. We have something for everyone looking for innovators at the highest level.  We’ll keep launching new Highers regularly, growing our pool and making an ever richer resource. We’ll launch creators on Instagram one by one, drip-feeding a taste of their work over a few days and intriguing followers as they gradually see what each one has to offer.

Another important part of the project is the creation of a series of documentaries which will be called “The Highers”, branded content about significant creators, touchstones in their creative fields. We’ll visit them in their cities, they’ll open up their studios and we’ll talk to them about their vision, their method and their secrets. These documentaries will serve to inspire other Highers to reach upwards with their work, and similarly to keep inspiring those who come after.

A win-win situation: raising the profile of creators and pushing creative fields forward

Patronage has been crucial for the development of art history over the years, and the High Gallery takes its promotional campaign very seriously. With the help of ROOR, the gallery will raise the profile of the Highers, enabling them to expand their reach and find new fans. In the process, we want to foster innovation in creative fields, benefiting everybody.


Follow us and get inspired!

We’ll be thrilled to have you with us right at the beginning of this incredibly exciting collaborative journey, be it as an appreciator or as a creator, a connoisseur or a newbie. On the High Gallery website is a manifesto which summarises our mission. Let’s break the boundaries together and reach for higher creative ground!

Leap into @the_high_gallery!

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