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ROOR Papers rolls up to 2022 Cannabis Festivals


At ROOR Papers we love taking part in the main cannabis festivals, as these weed events are where we get to meet our cannabis community. In 2021 we enrolled at weed and CBD festivals such as Weedfest in Poland, Product Earth in the UK, Mary Jane in Berlin and Cannafest in Prague. And 2022 will bring other great gatherings, where ROOR Papers will have a stand of course.  Here’s your guide to where it’s at in the world of green festival action – so you can be sure not to miss out!

2022 Festivals to look out for

So, what’s coming up? Some of the weed festivals in 2022 where we’ll be spreading the word about our three new rolling papers with CBD-infused natural gum are Cannatrade, Hemps fair and Cannafair.


CANNATRADE (Bern, Switzerland)

We’ll be heading to Cannatrade in Bern in May. This is a huge one, with 250 exhibitors, a chill-out area for visitors, and a hemp foodie festival, as well as being a hub for the CBD and cannabis business communities.


HEMPSFAIR (Frankfurt, Germany)

Hempsfair will take place over the weekend of the 11th June in Frankfurt. Local producers and distributors will mingle with international ones to meet consumers and show off their wares and knowledge of the industry.  There’ll be sectors for food and clothing, paraphernalia… and everything else hempy you could wish for.


CANNAFAIR (Dusseldorf, Germany)

This festival takes place the last weekend of August so the weather should be beautiful. Every visitor gets a free goodie bag of cannabis-related gifts, if you need another incentive! There’s international food, expert speakers and stands from all the big players in the industry. We can’t wait to be part of it.

Where we were in 2021

Last year we took in some of the coolest European capitals! Here are the four cannabis festivals ROOR was at in 2021:


WEEDFEST (Warsaw, Poland)

Weedfest took place in the heart of Warsaw last June for the second year, and is now set to become a fixture on the festival scene. It’s got a wide remit: it’s educational on the medicinal benefits of CBD and cannabis, and a trade training ground (there are expert speakers on fields from medicine, to cosmetics and clothing, to pet supplies…).  But just as importantly it’s a place for visitors to come and have a really fun time while they browse and sample the many products and events on offer. This one is close to our hearts, as ROOR was a sponsor!


PRODUCT EARTH (Stoneleigh, UK)

This CBD and hemp event takes place in August in the Midlands of England. It’s more business-focused, showcasing the green economy from all angles, from agricultural, to industrial, to medicinal, through to production, wholesale and retail.  The event aims to bring dynamism to the trade and industry, but also to educate, raising awareness and supporting reform. There are plenty of stands displaying innovations and products, and – something a bit different – a glassblowing competition! We had a booth at Product Earth and a great tent by the chill-out zone and showcased our cool neon booklets and met customers there.


MARY JANE (Berlin, Germany)

Mary Jane took place in the Berlin Arena in late October. It’s Germany’s largest cannabis expo, with over 220 international participants, has been going for five years, and is big on action, with live concerts, food stands and even a swimming pool and beach area! There are plenty of exhibitors too, for if you want to find out more about marijuana’s use in foods, cosmetics, building materials…   If you’re after choice and liveliness, this is a good one for you!  At our stand we had a big neon wheel you could spin to try to win samples, and it was a great way to connect with customers.


CANNAFEST (Prague, Czech Republic)

Cannafest took place in early November in Prague and is already into its twelfth year. It’s a large trade show with exhibitors from 27 countries focusing on cultivation technology, fertilizers and seeds, as well as stands displaying and selling accessories and vaporizers, hemp foods, cosmetics and clothing. There are also spaces for institutions working towards raising cannabis awareness in the media and general public, and fighting for legalization and medicinal use. And spaces to relax, after, during and in between! Lots of people came by our stand to sample our papers – our neon colours make us impossible to miss! – and got drawn in by the TV reel of our awesome spot.

So, what about you? Which of these would you choose? Maybe there’s a city you’ve always wanted to visit and fate brings the two together. Are you looking to chill out or learn more about hemp? Or maybe take a look into the trade, find out about activism? Or are you simply after the joys of buying the latest accessories? There’s so much at these events – aim high and maybe you can do it all!

ROOR SAS has carefully developed the world's first rolling papers with CBD-infused natural gum, with a range of three specific rolling papers: Unbleached, Organic Hemp, and Rice. The natural gum of our rolling papers contains CBD with 0% of THC. Our products are only to be used by people over the age of 18 and should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets. ROOR products are exclusively available in countries where regulation permit.