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UNBLEACHED: Traditional, natural, climate-friendly rolling papers


 Eco-friendliness! Environmental awareness! Nature first! ‌ROOR’s UNBLEACHED, CBD rolling papers are all about sustainably-managed forests and respecting the eco-system.

ROOR’s rolling papers grab attention with their world-first CBD-infused gum. The brand, inspired by the cannabis joint-rolling community, offers a range of three natural smoking papers that are GMO free and contain no chalk, no dyes, no additives, no chlorine, and no bleaching agents. Alongside UNBLEACHED, there are also ORGANIC HEMP and RICE in the range.


Ecological agenda

ROOR believes there has been no point in history when humans have been so aware of their impact on the natural world as today. At a time of ecological challenges, it is important that we do our bit to make the world a better place.


UNBLEACHED papers are a green product

ROOR’s UNBLEACHED rolling papers are wood-fibre based, and the fact that they look back to traditional styles of paper will appeal to many customers. The unbleached papers are ecologically sound and sourced from sustainably-managed forests: they are made from trees which are grown in places with a self-replenishing ecosystem that is carefully maintained. What is taken out is put back in.

It’s all in the fibre

ROOR’s UNBLEACHED style is made with traditional wood pulp paper, like those old roll-ups, but reflecting today’s more environmentally conscious times. UNBLEACHED papers use 100 percent unbleached wood fibres made from trees carefully selected for their qualities. The manufacturing team only take softwoods like resinous trees, pines, and conifers with a strict criteria of length and resistance, enabling the manufacture of very fine, low grammage, ultra-thin paper. For the specialist product developers, the fibre structure is vital. ROOR’s fibres are on average 0.25-5mm-long threadlike elements with a 100 times greater length than width.

Sourced from France and Sweden

ROOR’s UNBLEACHED style follows strict guidelines to extract eco-friendly wood-pulp from sustainably-managed forests in France and Sweden according to ‘the track and trace process’. 

Some of ROOR’s softwood pulp comes from France, specifically the Tarascon area near Arles, in the Bouches du Rhône (South of France). Wood from this area is particularly dynamic because of the mistral wind that blows strongly from the northwest. Winds of this order strengthen trees by making them swing backwards and forwards and forcing them to grow something called reaction wood which reinforces the load-bearing structure. [1]

The other supply of ROOR’s softwood pulp comes from Sweden, a country in which over half the land is covered by forests. [2] The Scandinavian state has the second largest forested area in Europe and is the 5th largest exporter of pulp, paper and sawn timber. [3] The country’s world-leading wood processing industry is famed for its biodiversity and ecological safeguards. Peace of mind is offered to the ROOR community by the fact that Sweden’s pulp and paper industry is powered, in part, by renewable resources.

UNBLEACHED papers are traditional

In the early twentieth century to hold a white-coloured cigarette in your hand was a sign of being on-trend. In that period, to make the smokes white, rolling paper wood pulp was mixed with chemically-enhanced, bleaching agents such as chlorine. Peroxide is now used to replace the need for chlorine. UNBLEACHED use neither of these and as a result the papers are not white but light brown, reflecting the original colour of the wood fibres.


UNBLEACHED special features

Apart from this original light brown tree shade, what other features do ROOR’s classic UNBLEACHED rolling papers have? On close inspection, the precisely-curved watermark pattern comes into focus. Once in the hand, the roller-friendly attributes are evident: the papers are translucent and strong and don’t tear easily; they bend flexibly. Rollers can feel the papers’ smooth and silky touch. Thanks to the ultra-thin profile, the papers burn evenly and slowly, and pull the smoke effortlessly. Their CBD-infused, natural gum has a mildly peppery flavour with vibrant, balsamic notes.

Traditional, natural, climate-friendly rolling papers with CBD-infused gum

 Inspired by traditional rolling papers, ROOR’s UNBLEACHED papers have shaken up the market with game-changing, world-first CBD-infused gum that offers a next-level smoking experience, while at the same time protecting our planet.

ROOR SAS has carefully developed the world's first rolling papers with CBD-infused natural gum, with a range of three specific rolling papers: Unbleached, Organic Hemp, and Rice. The natural gum of our rolling papers contains CBD with 0% of THC. Our products are only to be used by people over the age of 18 and should not be used to substitute or replace any medication. They should not be used to treat illness or medical conditions. They are not to be consumed as dietary supplements and should be kept away from children and pets. ROOR products are exclusively available in countries where regulation permit.