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The cannabis industry goes to the metaverse: what does it mean?


What is the cannabis metaverse? In short, the cannabis metaverse is what happens when you mix smelly green with the latest 3D technology.


Before we show you how you can discover the cannabis metaverse for yourself, let’s find out more about the metaverse in general.


The metaverse offers a 3D experience that harnesses developments in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), NFTs, the blockchain, and crypto currencies. It gets a cool advantage by providing online users with a greater sense of actually being present among other people.


On the metaverse, 3D virtual spaces create immersive encounters that replicate the real world in a much more profound way than normal desktop computers, laptops, or phones. 

Spielberg and the metaverse

The best way to picture the metaverse is to watch a few scenes from Stephen Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One. Set in 2045, it tells the story of a world obsessed by a metaverse that has become as real as real life.


Meta and the metaverse advance

The metaverse was relatively unknown until that Facebook dude, Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company as Meta in 2021.


Since then the world of VR has boomed with companies and users flocking to 3D worlds as fast as a cannaseurs head to their bongs during 420.


You can visit the metaverse right now. Major destinations for metaverse fun include Decentraland, Vault Hill, and Odyssey. On these platforms you can do cool things like participate in events and festivals, play games, customize your avatar, and go shopping.

The cannabis metaverse moment

The rise of the metaverse has occurred at a moment in time when there’s a more relaxed approach to cannabis. Because of this, cannabis culture has quickly spread to the metaverse.


Cannabis companies operating in the metaverse

During key points on the cannabis calendar the metaverse gets hot boxed with many events that bring together cannasseurs from all over the planet. In the real world 420 and 710 are dates for pot lovers to unite, and the same happens now on the metaverse.


Green enthusiasts don’t have to wait for 420 or 710 to hang out though. Groups like the Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC)—which is made up of 10,000 NFTokers—have hosted weed-themed meetups throughout the year in the Decentraland metaverse. [1]

The cannabis virtual island on the metaverse

Cannabis has already spread to all aspects of the metaverse including to the naming of virtual property that you can buy.


Established by the metaverse company Aftermath Islands, ‘Cannabis Cove’ for example is a pot themed island where cannabis consumers and companies can buy plots of land to relax with other like-minded people. [2]


It can be expensive to move to this ganja paradise however, with real estate costing up to 5,200 USD.



Virtual cannabis dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries have become popular in the real world US since the relaxing of laws there. Similarly, dispensaries have been founded in virtual worlds too.


Cannabis brands such as Higher Life CBD and Kandy Girl have staked claims to their own metaverse storefronts.[3]


So, if you haven’t been able to get to a country with more relaxed cannabis laws where you can visit a dispensary in person, now you can go to one of these shops and have an online cannabis dispensary experience.

Cannabis avatars

​​Avatars are central to the virtual worlds. They are the physical representations of people in the metaverse. Users can design their avatars in any way they like.


This is great for cannabis enthusiasts who can purchase cannabis clothing and headwear to let everyone know they’re pot-friendly.


Cannabis brands like Kandy Girl for instance have sold and given away 3D wearables. These include virtual cannabis leaf wings for avatars. [4]

Where next for the cannabis metaverse?

The cannabis metaverse has gone a long way in a short space of time. Where could it go next?


Perhaps there could be a “high” function on our avatars which gives them extra creative attributes as they go on their virtual adventures?


What do you think? How else can the cannabis metaverse develop?

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