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Truly Design Brings 3D art and anamorphic art to The High Gallery


Is The High Gallery on your radar yet? It’s our patronage project whose raison d’etre is to elevate artists in a wide range of disciplines (if you haven’t yet, check it out!). We’re regularly introducing exciting pioneering talents on the gallery, as part of a push to inspire creativity and to help the creators reach higher.

As part of this, we’ve selected some of them to focus on, in a series of special documentaries. One of these is Truly Design. Let us take you into their world of 3d and anamorphic art.


Art from a different perspective

First, who are Truly Design? They’re three friends from Turin of twenty years’ standing: Mauro, Rems & Ninja1. Graffiti culture holds a strong influence on what they do (in fact Mauro has recurrent dreams about painting graffiti on trains).

And how to define their work?

They’re the reigning kings of anamorphic art!  But you might need some explanation on what that is: it’s visuals that trick the eyes because they only come together completely when seen from a certain angle.

The idea the trio play with is that point of view is fragile, and that a few millimetres can change something completely. They explore this idea playfully and hugely creatively, and it certainly makes for a dynamic and interactive experience for whoever comes across their work. Which is something that you might do without planning it, as their work is out on the street. And even if coming across it is not planned, you couldn’t possibly walk past without noticing it! Their creations are blatantly colourful.


Where you might see them

Places where you might see Truly’s dazzling creations: street walls, buildings, factories, art installations, basketball courts, car bodies, rooftops, metro stations, restaurants, sports facilities, even the countryside… They are completely open-minded about where an eye-catching piece of art might unexpectedly spring up.


The nuts and bolts of the process 

They use simple tools for the most part: pencil, paper, paintbrushes, spray cans and an iPad. But being big works, there are also drones and lifting platforms. There’s even a crystal magic ball (check out our full documentary to spot it).

They start with a sketch on paper or iPad, which they sometimes Photoshop or use an iPad drawing app on. Then they go directly to painting or spray-canning the wall, building or whatever the surface and format happen to be.

It all sounds kind of simple, but there’s nothing simple about their creative vision.

The social agenda, and friendship

There’s also depth to Truly’s attitude to creativity. They feel strongly that graffiti pulls people from different backgrounds together, that it is a societal good. They see it as something that accelerates friendship, and that creates adventures out of nothing. A way to escape that leads to fresh views. Especially if the art itself reinforces the concept that perspective is always subjective: that viewpoint is everything.


Impermanence as a Viewpoint

Time also becomes an interesting player in the game: As the crew themselves remark, they’re sure that little still stands of what they’ve made, painted over when buildings change, or destroyed by the elements. They turn this into a defiant forward-looking energy, saying: ¨We’re not attached to what we paint. When something’s over, we’re onto the next adventure.¨

What they are seemingly attached to, is working together as a team.

Challenge Your Perspectives

So, we’re very excited about these game changers and pioneers of form, who have stayed true to the techniques of old-fashioned illegal graffiti, while creating something wholly new and fresh, in which the possibilities become infinite.

Check out their artistic projects at @trulydesigncrew for a complete picture of their creations. And see them in context as part of our creative project @the_high_gallery. Last but not least, treat yourself to a viewing of the documentary to discover more about their fascinating world.

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